·       3 Delicious & Nutritious meals, small snacks included

·       4 Showers per Week; Each Additional Shower is $10

·       Shampoo, Soap, Toilet Paper, Towels, Toothpaste is Provided

·       In-home activities

·       2 Transportation Trips per Month ie, Doctors appt, outing etc.

·       Medication Management and Medication Assistance

·       24 Hour Supervision by Experienced Staff 

·       Full House Fire Sprinkler System

·       42 Inch Television and Basic Cable for Each Room, Fast Wifi As Well

·       Weekly Movie Nights and Monthly Holidays are Celebrated

·       Twin Sized bed or Twin Sized Hospital Bed is Provided

·       Wide Variety of Languages: English, Spanish, Romanian, Vietnamese, Tagalog/Pilipino

·       Minimum 3 Staff Members on-site at all times

·       No Extra Fee for Light/Early Stages of Dementia

·       Weekly Laundry of Clothes As Well As Bedding

·       Assistance With Bathing, Toileting, And Hygiene

·       Daily Walks and Exercise

·       3 month MINIMUM stay or Respite fee of 300 per month will be added


Over 200lbs Fee = $200.

Over 250lbs Fee = $300.

Incontinence Fee = $300.

Typical Amount* of Adult Diapers per Month = $200.

Transportation Services After the Complimentary 2 Will Be = $50.

Medications/Vitamins are NOT included in Basic Price.

Recliners are NOT provided in Basic Price.

Special Requests Will Be Added to Basic Price ie, Any Non Required Item/Service.

Catheter, Colostomy, Diabetes, Gastrostomy, Tracheostomies, Moderate to Heavy Dementia, and Oxygen Machines MAY have Additional Fees.